If you happen to see me walking down the street eyes wide-open, it’s because I’m in a perpetual state of wonder at our environment and the people who inhabit it. I find inspiration and connections everywhere.
I’ve penned hundreds of biographies for radio and television (A&E’s Biography for Radio and Biography TV series), literary journals, and the web. For more than two decades I’ve also been an entertainment industry make-up artist and hairstylist, powdering the cheeks and organizing the tresses of Jimmy Carter, Helen Mirren, Mike Myers, B.B.King, and countless others with the built-in fame factor. And after reconnecting with an old love…photography…it all came together.
Complete Profile Services is the integration of my life experience. It’s my fascination with human nature and an insatiable desire to observe and absorb that’s turned this girl from the Bronx into a world citizen that can talk to anyone about anything
You’ll find I’m like the profiles I create – accessible, genuine, inviting, fun, and when appropriate…even a little wacky. I’ve often been hired to “handle” difficult stars. So consider me armed…with a pen, a camera, and a make-up brush.
What I am is an enhancement artist. My talent and joy…sitting down with someone and getting them ready for their “audience.”

Fern Feller
Creator & Chief Profile Designer
Complete Profile Services