A Day in the Life

I’ve got one foot on this side of the Atlantic and one on the other. You might think I’m international, or flexible. Fact is, I’m both. Which means:

First thing in the A.M. I check in with my UK clients. I’ve a company there (and here) that rescues, rehabilitates and finds loving homes for animals. I love my work for the happiness it brings my clients—the four and two legged—and the security it provides whilst I pursue my acting career, which is going quite nicely…thanks for asking!

Next on the schedule (pronounced shedule) is a look-see at the industry papers for auditions. When I’m in a play, commercial, film, or rehearsal, my day is a bit different. I get an earlier start (unless we had a late show or cast party the night before). You’ll want to see me perform (don’t forget the flowers) and you’ll be welcome at the party. In turn, I’ll be your audience for whatever creative outlet drives you. Save me a front row seat.

Stage acting is my first love. I also do voice-overs and have a makeshift studio in my hallway cupboard. Living in NYC can require a sacrifice of space but it inspires creative solutions. I’ve gotten quite good at sorting things out in my 1½ years on this coast of the great pond. That includes building community. How many of your neighbors can you raise a glass with or call on when you’ve locked yourself out of your flat? I hope your answer is “I’ve got people.” We should have full lives to share.

Houdini, my dog, waits patiently for his morning walk. As a licensed dog psychologist, I’ve trained hundreds of challenged canines (and their owners). If you snickered at the previous sentence, it’s likely we wouldn’t get on. I also have a cat named Chaos. I’m a vegetarian. You needn’t be. If you love animals, or can at least tolerate the occasional muddy paw that would be fantastic. FYI…I analyse only non-verbal creatures!

Off we go for our walk. On the way home, we stop in at a thrift store or two. Houdini, who travels first class in my bag, is greeted by the owners with enthusiasm and treats. I admit to a bit of envy, but get over it when I find a brilliant deal on a piece of furniture ripe for repurposing. It’s not a deal breaker if you’re not interested in rummaging through second-hand shops with me. Truth be told, I’d be thrilled if we had a variety of different interests. I’m not looking for my twin…that would be way too boring.

If I’m not out with friends, I top off my day by playing an on-line strategy game or imagining in what new corner of this glorious earth I’d like to find myself. I hope you have the travel bug.

And how, you ask, will we find the time to merge our worlds? Here’s where I borrow dialogue typically found in trashy novels to describe the elusive notion of chemistry: If when we meet we feel we’ve known each other our entire lives, we will find a way. (See Jane Austen for further details.)

So if you’ve a nurturing streak, are well educated, well adjusted, chivalrous, light-hearted, ready for a committed relationship and have harnessed your financial world to provide freedom, I would love to hear from you. Write don’t wink, so I know you can string words together coherently and with humour.