Amazing Space

A few years ago I started to see experiences were more valuable than possessions and began giving away things that didn’t enrich my life in some way. This led to the discovery of more personal and emotional space and now it’s time to share my newfound conscious real estate. Hopefully you’ll have reached a balance in your own life and have room for me in the walk-in closet of your heart.

Is there anyone in the house who appreciates how incredibly amazing a machine the human body is? I know I do and I would love to find someone who is athletic and health-oriented. I hope we have at least one form of exercise to enjoy together. That said, let’s be flexible enough to get lost in the occasional food fest. Even better…let’s cook together and feast on our creations. There’s magic in preparing and sharing a meal with someone you’re close to. I learned this as a child. Love grew every time we helped my Dad grill burgers in our Southern California backyard.

Despite growing up with traditional values and attending church, I am forward thinking and progressive. I believe prayer works and it helps me have faith in something more powerful than myself. It’s important you are also guided by traditional religious practices. If we don’t share the same ones, we should be open to each other’s.

I enjoy expressing my creative side by making art and cooking. You might even say I curate my home. I keep a journal. When I’m struck by thought-provoking events, I use it to muse. You’re a reflective person too. This helps you communicate your thoughts, emotions and handle conflict and stress.

Family is important to me. I spent summers with my grand parents watching the fiery sunset over the San Fernando Valley. It was a backdrop against which it was easy to reflect on the moment and think about the future. We behaved like kids together. They understood how holding onto one’s youth is an integral component of a well-lived life.

I’m serious about being with someone who wants to build a relationship. I know this takes time. I’m looking forward to all the wonders having the right partner holds.

I’m a modern guy so don’t be afraid to write.


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