Invitation to Adventure

If I asked you to join me on a trip to Haiti that would take us deep into a small village for a Voodoo ceremony would you jump at the chance? Can you see yourself so caught up in the drumming you can’t keep your seat? Would a Zydeco infused honky tonk in Louisiana make you boogie til you just can’t boogie no more? These are just a couple of memorable experiences I’d repeat in a heartbeat, preferably with a man that makes my heart race.

While common interests are important, we both understand how prismatic and primal individuals can be. You can be jogging around the park while I’m at home watching Six Feet Under or The Office but when you come through the door I’ll want to know if you beat your own time (if that matters to you) and you won’t mind waiting for the commercial to talk about it. If I’ve TIVO’d it, you can be sure it’s going on pause.

Independence doesn’t preclude vulnerability or the need for profound connection with another. My years working in alternative health care have made me receptive to many forms of energy, to others, to healing, to the endless possibilities of life. And so here I am, still believing anything is possible, even though I half expect to find a link on a profile that says, “Add to cart.”

It would thrill me if on your nightstand you have a book to feed both your mind and your spirit. One from which you’d read aloud when you find a passage too funny, illuminating, or poignant not to share. Next to the book is a box of fine dark chocolates you’ll feed me.

If after reading this you are moved in more than one direction, you might just be the man I’m looking for.


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