Movie Scene

Clean lines, earth tones, Eastern art. (Think good picks from ABC Carpet.) A bamboo fortune plant, an Osho book and a cell phone on the nightstand. A MAN, late 40’s, in the bed under sumptuous linens, gazes around the room. He picks up the phone and dials.

Yes…good morning. Do you have a flight leaving NY for Cairo today?
You do…fantastic. How much is it? Really? Wow! That’s a great deal. I’ll take it…


The day is fading and the full moon is taking its place in the sky. Two camels carrying MALE RIDERS are making their way through the swirling sand. The Giza Pyramids in the distance. CLOSE ON one of the MEN. He’s the man from the bedroom scene, dressed in jeans and a linen shirt.

I’m that guy. The linen shirt…well…I like to dress smart and after all, you never know who you’re going to run into! Please don’t get the wrong impression…my normal weekdays consist of: getting up early, walking to the office, taking a yoga class, and relaxing at home or going out with friends for dinner or a show. But that morning, something compelled me to step outside of my comfort zone and explore my relationship to the world. The trip was low-keyed. My meals were from local families who sold home cooking from tables on the street. And the breath-taking catacombs of Alexandria made me feel like I was coming to life.

Another way I explore the world is through the teachings of Osho, a great spiritual master. I think we have many facets that take in light, like a prism. Osho’s light entered one of mine for the first time as a teenager when my uncle gave me one of his books. To this day, I find Osho’s writings comforting, thought provoking, and entertaining.

If I would rewrite the above scenes, my life partner would be in the bed and on the camel with me. He’d have no problem sitting on a park bench sharing coffee and conversation, dreaming up our next adventure or packing fast. Like me, he would move through his days and the world conscious of his impact and concerned about others.

I would like to enter a relationship with the assumption it will last. I am interested in getting together with someone ready for the same. If you can imagine us as co-stars, if you are active, attractive, smart, creative, funny, trustworthy, financially stable and maybe most importantly understand what it means to have a smile in your heart, we should meet.


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