Party Invitation

I’m planning the party of my life and I’m looking for a co-host. It’s definitely a BYOL-bring-your-own-life event, so be prepared to show up with a carafe of experience. Here are a few things you can count on me to bring: my joie de vivre, passion, optimism, willingness to share, devotion, creativity, deep love and affection. And here’s what I’d like you to bring: honesty, the intention to see the party to the end and help with the clean-up when necessary, the desire to create a family, humor, romance and financial security. It’s more than okay if you arrive with treats I’ve never tasted, ideas to spark my imagination and new games to play, but it’s important we both want to partake in some of the same joys co-hosting has to offer. We can be progressive in our views while being traditional when it comes to relationship.

We are the entertainment-a jazzy, soulful duo, riffing off one another. There will be space for solos, but the wonder of ensemble isn’t lost on us. Our guest artists will be our friends and family-welcome additions to our combo.

And the venue…wherever we are is where the party is. We are a moveable feast.

So if you’re ready for a long-lasting “affair” and have a bounty to bring…bring it!

You are smart (emotionally, street, book) so you’ll skip the wink and engage me with your thoughts in an e-mail. It will give me the sense you have treated me as an individual and tapped your creativity.