I had tried several approaches to finding a partner online and each time I ended up disappointed. It felt like I wasn’t getting my message across correctly, because I was attracting the attention of men who did not interest me at all, and those men who looked potentially interesting, were not interested in me.Ever since I posted my new profile essay and photos, I have been bombarded with emails from very appropriate guys. I had several dates, and all of them are very promising.
I was amazed at the way you took my words, even some of the expressions I use, and put them together in the most amazing essay. Your verbal portrait of my personality is better than any I have ever created myself. My mother read it and said you looked right through me! You also managed to create photos that show the true me, not flattering fake portraits. You make people feel good about themselves and lead them to self discoveries about their worth and potential.
It is hard to overestimate the significance of what you did for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You changed my life!

Vera – Educator, NYC

“Finally…interest from men I’d actually like to meet.  I’ve been told my essay is engaging and that I really look like my photos.”
Kimberly  – Actress, NYC”Working with Fern was a purely joyful experience. I have been immensely shy, even phobic, about being photographed all my life and am never happy when someone points a camera at me. Fern has an ease and humor about her that completely relaxed me during our session; I actually had fun and got into posing for her! I do not exaggerate to say that this was a miracle and the beautiful photos she took are a testament to her talent. I cannot recommend her more highly!”

Alison – Interior Designer, Bryan,Texas