Anthropologist Jane Goodall

Her research on chimpanzees made monkeys out of the scientists who believed they were simple animals. Her story on the next Biography for Radio.

This young girl believed if Dr. Dolittle could talk to the animals, so could she. Her story next, on Biography for Radio.

Her fate was sealed at the age of seven when her mother gave her The Story of Dr. Dolittle. In it she read about a man who talked with animals and traveled to Africa to help them. Her mind was made up…one day she would do the same. In the mean time, she started a mini-conservatory filled with flowers, shells and a human skeleton.

After working as a secretary for a renowned anthropologist, he decided her lack of formal training in animal behavior made her a perfect candidate for an unbiased study of chimpanzees in their natural habitat. She signed on for a two-year study. It evolved into a lifetime affair. She discovered they had complex social system…even made and used tools. This was the trait scientists had previously used to distinguish us from the primates. Her studies helped to rewrite the definition of what it means to be human.

Instrumental in fostering humane treatment of our closest genetic relatives, she was chosen as the United Nations Ambassador of Peace. The woman who has done more than anyone to bridge the gap between animals and people…Jane Goodall.