Fern walked me through a process that reviewed who I am personally and professionally, what my experience and skills were and found the way to highlight and enhance those things in my biography. Easy to work with, she provides advice without trying to prove she knows all the answers. Her choice to shape the biography into the form of “a message from the founder” suited my sense of wanting to reach directly to the reader.

Paul Radow, MSW – Owner, Arizona Senior Care Connection

Unless you’re a fashion model or a performer, preparing to get your portrait made can be a little nerve-wracking. That’s certainly true for me. But Fern’s comfortable, confident professionalism put me right at ease. Whether she’s applying your make-up or snapping your picture, her reliable experience, patient attention to details, and creative resourcefulness, just make you relax. She wants to help you bring out your very best!

Eva – Arts critic and blogger, NYC

Fern is an incredibly talented photographer and make up artist. I was fortunate to have her do my portrait and I’ve never had a picture of myself that I’ve liked better. I was also so pleased with the way she did my make up prior to the sitting that I actually hated to have to wash my face that evening. Fern’s talent, kindness and overall professionalism made the whole experience-which I had previously dreaded-a very pleasant one indeed and I’m very, very happy with the results.

Jan – Public relations consultant/entertainment management, Los Angeles, CA

My headshot is awesome. People always comment how good it is. Since I have been showing it around I believe my work has increased because of it. I do not think I would get the chance to audition without it.

Allen – Actor, NYC